Sunderland v Man Utd

by Timothy Masters

Sunderland live”Sunderland Man Utd live

Sunderland take on Man Utd on Sunday 9th April, 2017, with kickoff at 13:30. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 1.

This game used to be like United versus United’s retirement home, but in modern times Sunderland have taken to instead taking some fairly average youngsters from the Red Devils while the better players to leave Old Trafford have ended up elsewhere. Donald Love and Adnan Januzaj aren’t really setting the world on fire, and most pundits have already written off the Black Cats, condemning them to a relegation that seems mathematically likely.

If David Moyes wins here and leads his team to survival though, his reputation will be boosted beyond where it has been since, well, since before he took the United job.

Sunderland v Man Utd is LIVE on Sky Sports 1.