Liverpool v Villarreal

by Timothy Masters

Liverpool live”Liverpool Villarreal live

Liverpool take on Villarreal on Thursday 5th May, 2016, with kickoff at 20:05. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BT Sport Europe.

Liverpool were about as good against Swansea as Mark Clattenburg was in officiating the Spurs v Chelsea game, and you don’t need me to tell you that’s not meant as a compliment. They must redeem themselves here and prove the sacrifice in Wales was worth it for that not to all be for naught, and that won’t be easy as Villarreal are a seriously good side.

If the Reds do go through they’ll be ninety minutes away from an unlikely Champions League spot, and that is not something they’d have expected after the start they made to the season.

Liverpool v Villarreal is LIVE on BT Sport Europe.