Wigan v Rubin Kazan

by Timothy Masters

Wigan live”WiganRubin Kazan live

Wigan take on Rubin Kazan on Thursday 24th October, 2013, with kickoff at 20:05. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BT Sport 1.

Out of the Premier League and the public eye to some extent is not an easy place for the modern footballer to exist, but those poor souls stuck aboard the SS Wigan Athletic last season as the ship went down and manager on at least have the comfort of some European football. With the 46 game Championship season to contend with it is not always comforting as much as exhausting, but the players will still enjoy their time in the sun.

Rubin Kazan are a good side, and this could be a tough evening for the side from the Rugby League heartland.

Wigan v Rubin Kazan is LIVE on BT Sports 1.