Wigan v Liverpool

by Timothy Masters

Wigan live”WiganLiverpool live

Wigan take on Liverpool on Sunday 2nd March, 2013, with kickoff at 17:30. This match is currently being shown LIVE on ESPN.

These are the sort of games Liverpool used to regularly lose, to the endless frustration of their fans, but under Brendan Rodgers the Reds have rather changed their style by only beating the teams below them in the league, with the exception of a much-rotated Swansea team looking forward to a cup final. This trip to Wigan won’t be easy, but the away manager is sure to stress the fact the home defence is weak, and the points are on offer.

Of course, Roberto Martinez could have been the Liverpool manager, and that will add another layer of spice to what is a very big game for both teams.

Wigan v Liverpool is LIVE on ESPN.