West Ham v West Brom

by Timothy Masters

West Ham live”WestWest Brom live

West Ham take on West Brom on Sunday 29th November, 2015, with kickoff at 14:05. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 1.

The battle for the West is played out between a team from east London and a side from the midlands, but that matters not. What matters for the Hammers is making it potentially into fifth if they can win here, above the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea, something they probably wouldn’t have dreamed of when changing managers in the summer.

As for the Baggies, they’re about where you’d expect and doing what you’d expect from a Tony Pulis team, which is being very hard to beat and even harder to score against, which should make for a tense, if not entertaining game here.

West Ham v West Brom is LIVE on Sky Sports 1.