Tranmere v Ebbsfleet

by Timothy Masters

Tranmere live”TranmereEbbsfleet

Tranmere take on Ebbsfleet on Saturday 5th May, 2018, with kickoff at 12:15. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BT Sport.

We’ve got to the point of the year when most of the leagues are at the playoff phase, and every single game matters. The conventional wisdom that the team coming in from the lower position have the momentum may not apply given that the top side in this one won their last two games, but honestly they are impossible to predict as games, and that is what makes them great.

For both sides to play their best would be ideal, but the risk to reward equation can make the first leg of ties like this a little bit cagey, unless it’s Liverpool.

Tranmere v Ebbsfleet is LIVE on BT Sport.