Stoke v Swansea

by Timothy Masters

Stoke live”Stoke Swansea live

Stoke take on Swansea on Monday 31st October, 2016, with kickoff at 20:00. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 1.

For a while Stoke were a meme team, constantly thrown at good football sides as a challenge to their metal, and then latterly in an ironic way. Weirdly, it isn’t as famous, but Swansea were in a similar position from an opposite direction for a number of years, known for being the footballing masters capable of passing their way out of pretty much anything.

Those days are over for both teams now though, with the Welsh team now a vanity item for some rich Americans and Stoke sitting on an increasingly massive wage bill thanks to some interesting recruitment, but the game will still be fun.

Stoke v Swansea is LIVE on Sky Sports 1.