Stevenage v Spurs Live

by Timothy Masters

Stevenage live”StevenageSpurs live

Stevenage host Spurs on Sunday 19th February, 2012, with kickoff at 13:30. This match is currently being shown LIVE on ITV1.

Since the loss of Pienaar to Everton there has been rather less stevenage around the Tottenham training ground, but a draw for the home team today would bring even more welcome financial scooby snacks for the struggling hosts. Tottenham have ditched one cup ruthlessly in the hope of keeping a league campaign alive, and now have to decide whether holding on to Harry Redknapp is worth doing, given the interest from the FA.

Either way, you can expect a few to be rested here today as Spurs have their usual collection of injuries to manage and heal.

Stevenage v Spurs is LIVE on ITV1.