Shrewsbury v Charlton

by Timothy Masters

Shrewsbury live”ShrewsburyCharlton

Shrewsbury take on Charlton on Sunday 13th May, 2018, with kickoff at 17:15. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports.

The first leg of this tie ended in a 1-0 away win for Shrewsbury, which is not what Charlton would have wanted, obviously, but equally is not a total disaster. There is still room to make a famous comeback if Charlton play well and start strong, but everything is on the line and that extra pressure will make performing all the more challenging.

Whoever comes through still has the Wembley game to navigate, but that will feel like a walk in the park compared to the pressure of this game.

Shrewsbury v Charlton is LIVE on Sky Sports.