Rotherham v Scunthorpe

by Timothy Masters

Rotherham live”RotherhamScunthorpe

Rotherham take on Scunthorpe on Wednesday 16th May, 2018, with kickoff at 19:45. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports.

The playoffs provide a lovely little afterthought to the end of the normal season, unless you are a writer in which case they literally prolong your misery in a way nothing else can. Rotherham and Scunthorpe probably have amazing fans, a great history and the will to win, but at this point most people are just too burned out to care about that.

Still, for those wonderful fans this is a big deal, and they’ll want a day to remember from their season that has already created some memories.

Rotherham v Scunthorpe is LIVE on Sky Sports.