Real Madrid v Barcelona Live

by Timothy Masters

Real Madrid live”RealBarcelona live

Real Madrid take on Barcelona on Wednesday 29th August, 2012, with kickoff at 21:00. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 3.

Barcelona managed to win the first leg of this cup, but with the 3-2 home victory they secured the former Spanish and European Champions have set the game up perfectly for the neutral. If Real were to win 1-0, something of a speciality of Jose Mourinho’s in his Chelsea days, they’d take the trophy and first blood in this battle, but playing for a 1-0 against Barca can be very perilous indeed.

There could also be some clues as to who we can expect to see in the last four of the Champions League in this game, so don’t miss the battle of the galacticos.

Real Madrid v Barcelona is LIVE on Sky Sports 3.