Portugal v Spain Live

by Timothy Masters

Portugal live”PortugalSpain live

Portugal take on Spain on Wednesday 27th June, 2012, with kickoff at 19:45. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BBC1.

This should be a very tasty clash between two sides capable of playing sparkling, quick attacking football the like of which would make an England fan weep. The obvious proximity of the two nations is going to make it quite feisty, and then add in the Real Madrid v Barcelona clashes happening all over the pitch. A dash of the world’s best striker into the mix and this is shaping up to be a cracking matchup.

Of course, it is still and semi-final, and as a result there will be nerves to go with the blood, sweat and tears, but you know it’ll be gripping stuff.

Spain v Portugal is LIVE on BBC1.