Oldham v Everton

by Timothy Masters

Oldham live”OldhamEverton live

Oldham take on Everton on Saturday 16th January, 2013, with kickoff at 18:00. This match is currently being shown LIVE on ITV.

There are some big questions to be answered before too long at Everton, as to whether David Moyes will renew his contract and if an investor can be found to make the club more financially successful and enable better players to be sign and paid, and a win in the FA Cup would both strengthen the position of Moyes when he sits down with the owner, and delight a loyal fanbase.

Given that the side looks like a contender for the top four there is no reason they can’t win this competition, but Oldham have a chance to slay a giant too. This should be fun.

Oldham v Everton is LIVE on ITV.