Middlesbrough v Sunderland

by Timothy Masters

Middlesbrough live”MiddlesbroughSunderland

Middlesbrough take on Sunderland on Sunday 5th November, 2017, with kickoff at 12:15. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports.

These two really should be providing us with a top of the table clash today, with both teams having decent funding and recent Premier League experience, but right now neither are in the top six. To be honest, Sunderland are an embarrassment to their fans in a way we haven’t seen since the latter half of, well, last year, and right now are in the relegation zone.

Sadly for them, hiring a shouty Irishman will not work these days, so once again the black cats have to rebuild and try to get it right, this time.

Middlesbrough v Sunderland is LIVE on Sky Sports.