Middlesbrough v Brentford

by Timothy Masters

Middlesbrough live”MiddlesbroughBrentford live

Middlesbrough take on Brentford on Friday 15th May, 2015, with kickoff at 19:45. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 1.

After the first leg of this tie Boro are going to feel pretty good about themselves, having taken an away win and shown their strength well at Brentford’s home ground, but this is the real test of their nerve and quality. The difference between the best and the rest is being able to play well when it matters, and if Boro can do that twice more they may finally get back to the Premier League.

Of course Brentford have their own dreams, aspirations and abilities, and writing them off would be far from an intelligent move with so many variables at play.

Middlesbrough v Brentford is LIVE on Sky Sports 1.