Manchester United v QPR Live

by Timothy Masters

Manchester United live”ManchesterQPR live

Manchester United host QPR on Sunday 8th April, 2012, with kickoff at 13:30. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 1.

If QPR can follow up their unlikely result at Arsenal with another surprise performance they could put a little bit of space between themselves and the relegation zone, but going to Old Trafford is a lot harder than just winning an away game. Dealing with everything the PLC can throw at you as a player is one thing, but in the back of their minds the R’s will also be aware they can’t rely on not conceding a soft penalty.

To win the away side will need everything they have, where the challenge for United will be motivation, but at this stage of the season I’m guessing Fergie has that covered.

Manchester United v QPR is LIVE on Sky Sports 1.