Man Utd v West Brom

by Timothy Masters

Man Utd live”ManWest Brom

Man Utd take on West Brom on Sunday 15th April, 2018, with kickoff at 16:00. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports.

This game is probably not going to be a thriller, as the good side involved are a bit of a direct one, and the minnows tend to do best with their back against the wall, and a taxi to escape in. Jokes about Spanish holidays aside, West Brom have become a laughing stock this year, with players like Gareth Barry finally being exposed for the frauds they long have been.

After beating City, United should be in confident mood, but let’s be honest, it’s West Brom and there is no reason to fear them.

Man Utd v West Brom is LIVE on Sky Sports.