Macclesfield v Kidderminster

by Timothy Masters

Macclesfield live”MacclesfieldKidderminster live

Macclesfield take on Kidderminster on Saturday 10th October, 2015, with kickoff at 12:30. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BT Sport 1.

With the lack of Premier League action on this weekend there is the normal void to be filled by those from the lower divisions, and the first up will be Macclesfield and Kidderminster. Of the two, one side is having a better season, which is always the case, but in this particular example the gap is slightly larger than that between Katie Hopkins’ ears.

That is mainly because Kidderminster have as many points as the aforementioned ITV talking head has redeeming qualities, and will therefore look a lot like easy pickings for a Macclesfield sitting comfortably in mid-table.

Macclesfield v Kidderminster is LIVE on BT Sport 1.