Liverpool v Sion

by Timothy Masters

Liverpool live”LiverpoolSion live

Liverpool take on Sion on Thursday 1st October, 2015, with kickoff at 20:05. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BT Sport Europe.

It’s all about consolidation for Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers right now as they seek to recover from some awful form in the Premier League. The Northern Irishman can bang on all he likes about conspiracies and people trying to get him the sack, but the recent problems have all come from inside the club, and he has a big few days ahead of him.

With the Merseyside derby on the weekend, Rodgers will be tempted to play a second-string against Swiss side Sion, but the dangers are apparent to all and he doesn’t have a lot of slack to play with before the rope tightens and snaps around his neck.

Liverpool v Sion is LIVE on BT Sport Europe.