Liverpool v Leicester

by Timothy Masters

Liverpool live”Liverpool Leicester live

Liverpool take on Leicester on Saturday 10th September, 2016, with kickoff at 17:30. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BT Sport 1.

Claudio Ranieri has been very complimentary about Liverpool this week, as is the likeable Italian’s way, and among the many compliments he flung in the direction of Anfield there was one that stood out. The current manager of the Premier League champions claimed he believed Liverpool are ‘one of the favourites’ to win the league this season, proving once and for all that even managerial ability is no guarantee of having good judgement.

The cult of Klopp is in full swing already at Liverpool, and some benefits are being reaped, but the Burnley performance proved how far the club is from real success.

Liverpool v Leicester is LIVE on BT Sport 1.