Live Football Betting

Bookies that offer live “in play” betting:

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  • Live football betting is a relatively new phenomenon that has come into its own with the growth of televised matches and of fast internet connections that allow bettors to access their favourite books in a close approximation of real time. It doesn’t offer quite the range of exotic bets that are available pre-match, especially those involving parlays and similar combinations of several wagers into one, but it is not exactly lacking in options for the punter.

    Live betting is just that: the match has started, the traditional pre-match book is now closed and the betting site has gone live with odds that reflect events in the match as they happen. Those odds are revised as play continues.

    In its most basic form, live football betting offers simple odds on each side’s chance of a win or of the match ending in a draw. Odds change in response to events, sometimes dramatically, although it is worth remembering that bookmakers respond to anticipated betting patterns in setting those odds. They do not, in the final analysis, predict match outcomes.

    Many sites offer a great deal more than the odds of a win, including wagers on total goals, margin of victory, team to score next, odds of a clean sheet for either side and exact final score, with all of those adjusted as play progresses. Wagers on individual player performance are also available, along with wagers on scoring within a specified future time.

    There are some peculiarities in the live rules. For one thing, bets received by the site within a short time of a score will often be void, regardless of when the punter placed the bet. For another, available live bets do not generally include extra time or penalties, although injury time is generally included in the wager.

    At least in theory, it should be an advantage to be able to watch the match and come to an educated conclusion about which side is playing better, whether this looks to be a match with goals aplenty or whether the keeper looks suddenly invincible. Whether this is true in practice, given how quickly things can change and how quickly odds can be adjusted, is, of course, the punter’s ultimate question. There is no doubt, however, that live betting can make even a boring match significantly more involving.