Everton v Oldham

by Timothy Masters

Everton live”EvertonOldham live

Everton take on Oldham on Tuesday 26th February, 2013, with kickoff at 19:45. This match is currently being shown LIVE on ITV1.

With a place against Wigan in the quarter-finals at stake, this season looks like being one where Everton could have a very good cup run if they can overcome Oldham this evening. The away side were pleased to hold one of the best teams in the country to a draw in the first match, but with the loss of home advantage goes the best chance Oldham had of causing a shock and marching onward.

As it is this will still be a fierce contest, and Everton will need to attack well and score to win the game, so give it a watch if you’ve got the time.

Everton v Oldham is LIVE on ITV1.