Everton v Arsenal

by Timothy Masters

Everton live”EvertonArsenal

Everton take on Arsenal on Sunday 22nd October, 2017, with kickoff at 13:30. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports.

If Everton get the French sausage from their opponents today, their Dutch loaf may find himself out of the door faster than a stale baguette on sandwich day at the chateau. To be honest, we may have gone too far with the metaphorical Frenchness, but that is what people have come to expect when we discuss the Gunners.

Ronald Koeman was chatting with reporters about one day having ambitions involving Barcelona, and this might be his time. After spending a giant pile of cash, he’ll have time for a long holiday while football forgets his failures.

Everton v Arsenal is LIVE on Sky Sports.