Cheltenham v Torquay Live

by Timothy Masters

Cheltenham live”CheltenhamTorquay live

Cheltenham host Torquay on Sunday 13th April, 2012, with kickoff at 12:00. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 1.

All the usual rules apply here for the home side, they must keep it tight, score a couple of goals and ensure that they are still in the tie when the second leg kicks off next Thursday, but that is a maddeningly difficult thing to do for any manager and I doubt Cheltenham will find the magic formula, so we can look forward to another gripping match as two teams fight for the chance of glory.

The fans of Torquay and their hosts will be out in force to celebrate, stress and bite their fingernails to the quick, and provide a fantastic atmosphere to, with a bit of luck.

Cheltenham v Torquay is LIVE on Sky Sports 1.