Chelsea v Spurs

by Timothy Masters

Chelsea live”Chelsea Spurs live

Chelsea take on Spurs on Friday 21st April, 2017, with kickoff at 17:15. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BBC 1.

The first of the two FA Cup semi finals features the team the media are presenting as the best in the land, Spurs, and the team that is actually objectively the best right now, Chelsea. The amount of praise for Tottenham has gone from predictable to predictably annoying now, to the point where even hardcore Chelsea haters are probably tired of the Tottenham tale.

To be fair, this writer hasn’t got to that point yet, but this is one of those games where there is no winner that really appeals to the neutral, like a fight between Piers Morgan and Donald Trump.

Chelsea v Spurs is LIVE on BBC 1.