Charlton v Fulham

by Timothy Masters

Charlton live”CharltonFulham live

Charlton take on Fulham on Sunday 4th October, 2015, with kickoff at 12:00. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 2.

These were a pair of London representatives in the Premier League for a long time, but eventually first Charlton then Fulham succumbed to the pressure and dipped into the league below. Once you’re in the Championship it is much harder to get out again, much like the mob, or a bowl of pistachios, and this is another year and another chance to make the break.

At this point in time it looks fairly unlikely that either of these sides will be storming back up though, being as they are both in the bottom half of the table.

Charlton v Fulham is LIVE on Sky Sports 2.