Burnley v Watford

by Timothy Masters

Burnley live”Burnley Watford live

Burnley take on Watford on Monday 26th September, 2016, with kickoff at 20:00. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 1.

While Aston Villa and Newcastle rough it in the lower divisions, fans of Burnley and Watford can enjoy watching their heroes play in the biggest league going, the Premier League. They also get the privilege of being the only game from that division today and therefore enjoy the spotlight, something that is hard to get if you’ve not won more than ten domestic titles.

Watford will be feeling great after their deserved victory over Manchester United last time out, and that will make this more of a challenging prospect for Burnley than might otherwise have been the case.

Burnley v Watford is LIVE on Sky Sports 1.