Brentford v Aston Villa

by Timothy Masters

Brentford live”Brentford Villa live

Brentford take on Villa on Tuesday 31st January, 2017, with kickoff at 19:45. This match is currently being shown LIVE on Sky Sports 1.

Brentford and Villa are playing out a game this evening that has the potential to be a very meaningful one in the division, especially with the level of wealth the Birmingham club can call upon, but it looks as though that won’t be the case this season. Neither team is close to the top six, and while a tilt at the top is not out of the question, their time is definitely running out.

Brentford could probably put themselves in that position too, with a good run and a following wind, but at this point in time it’s just the next three points that matter most.

Brentford v Villa is LIVE on Sky Sports 1.