Brechin v Rangers

by Timothy Masters

Brechin live”BrechinRangers live

Brechin take on Rangers on Sunday 23rd March, 2014, with kickoff at 12:45. This match is currently being shown LIVE on BT Sports 1.

Rangers are on a long stroll in toward the finish line in the Scottish League One title race, and with the club having built an unassailable lead and totally dominated the opposition these games are a chance for the management to begin their preparations for next season, and another promotion battle.

So far Rangers have risen as easily as a bad prawn, but there will come a time when they find their level, and need to step it up each season to avoid stalling in their quest to attain what they consider their rightful place in the Scottish football food chain.

Brechin v Rangers is LIVE on BT Sports 1.